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The Power of Friendship

Wowzer its October already, how on earth did that happen so quickly !! It is a wet rainy day outside so a perfect opportunity to sit and connect with you all.




I have been reflecting a lot this month about the power of friendships. I really would not be where I am today without the love and support of all of my friends here in New Zealand and  around the world.


When my world fell apart at the start of the year when my husband and I decided to separate. The first thing you do is to reach out to your friends. Instantly you are wrapped in a bubble of daily love and support, coffee dates, dinners, walks in nature. Text messages, emails ....  that old saying "All you have to do is ask for help " is so true . If you are going through a tough time at the moment. I encourage you to do just that, take a deep breathe and ask. It is so ok to not be ok, and no matter how small or large you feel your problems are. There is a bucket load of support just waiting for you.


True friends are there through thick and thin, the good days, the dark days. The happy days and the sad days. True friends lift us up. Give us a hug, wipe our tears and encourage us to be the best we can be.


Fast forward 10 months since I separated from Wayne and 6 months that and  I am happily settled into my new life in Nelson. I am blessed beyond words by the love and friendships I have made and created since I arrived . I have found my Tribe. My support network. My team. My cheer leaders. These friends are right here with me in Nelson. But coming from the Uk. I am also blessed to have many beautiful friends still in Hamilton and around the world. I love nothing more than heading back to Edinburgh and being around my friends who mean the world to me and within minutes its like I have never left. True friends have than impact on your heart. They truly do. No matter how many years pass, once you are reunited , its like you have never left.


I am very lucky that I make friends easily. It might not be the same for you. If you are reading this. Your Tribe is right there just waiting to welcome you with open arms. What's the best way to seek out new friends ......  Search out a club or a creative outlet that inspires you and makes your wheels spin. Join the club. Be brave. Ask out a Mum from Kindy, the school gate or play centre for a coffee. Have an open and friendly approach to everybody that crosses your path and I hope with all of my heart that new friends will naturally start to appear in your life.


 I am very very blessed to have many beautiful, inspiring and loving friends, who without a shadow of a doubt have helped me to be the happy go lucky Charley who is right here with you today, tomorrow and forever. Thank you for everything I love you with my whole heart and more.


Anna. MJ. Raza Mate. Sister Em. Sister Lou. Kathy. Suzette. Mandy. Rachel. Michelle. Sharron. Caron. Debbie. Carlene. Vanessa. Emma. Smooth Operator.  Marti. Kit Kat. Boo Boo. Em Mc. Foxy. Diane. Christine. Bex.Talia. Leigh. Clare. Tina. Kaz.Thommy. Amy. Marie. Nige. Mark. Josh. Paris. Al .Laura. Heather. Maria. Briony. Liddy. Ron and Spike. Karen Claire.


So I encourage you this month to really embrace the  POWER OF FRIENDSHIP . Take your best friend out for lunch or dinner. Buy your friends flowers. Babysit there children so they can have a night of. Send an I love you and thank you text to a friend. Send a card to a friend who lives over seas, or even better write them a letter.  Head out into nature with your best friend. Lie on your backs and watch the clouds float by. Take a walk through the forest, or a bare foot walk down the beach. Curl up on the couch with a bottle of wine and a large bag of chips and watch a movie. Laugh together. Support  love and hug each other. 


In love, health and wellness


Charley xx








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